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Flooring Advice for Landlords: Hallways

Whether you’re new to being a buy to let landlord or you’ve been keeping tenants happy for years, we’re aiming to offer some helpful tips and advice to make your [...]

From Rugs to Riches!

Obviously, we love rugs.  Big rugs, little rugs, round rugs, square rugs, rugs in all the colours of the rainbow. In the eyes of many people though, rugs are still [...]

Think Festive: Ideas for House Guests this December

There’s no denying it any more – it’s getting a lot colder out there, the big retailers are all competing for the best festive advertising campaign, and if you’ve braved [...]

Studio Space: How to Make a Small Space Feel Like Home

Many people living in small spaces, be it a single room in a shared house, or a compact studio flat, feel trapped by their lack of room, but we’re here [...]

Sprucing up your space with an attractive rug

The supermarkets are all competing to have the best festive advert, the shops are already playing ‘walking in a winter wonderland’, you’ve probably got one over-organised friend boasting about being [...]

Create a Cosy Corner with Rugs

There are so many reasons why it’s a good idea to create a ‘cosy corner’ in your home. Maybe you want to use it as a place to chill out [...]

Keeping your home warmer this winter

After a beautiful summer we are apparently set for a very cold winter. It seems like two minutes ago that we were playing in the garden, watching the children splash [...]

How To Make A Play Area In Your Living Room

I have always been a little obsessive when it comes to organising my house, everything has its place and woe betide my husband if he doesn’t return things to the [...]

Warm Up Your Floor!

Picture this – it’s a really cold day, you can tell before you even open your eyes, you don’t want to get out of bed and yet the alarm has [...]

Student Decor – Make Your Mark in a Shared House

When you’re a first year student, or returning to your studies after the summer break, chances are that part of the process is settling yourself into a new place to [...]